remote manageement versus full service

HOA Management, like every other industry, has its ups and downs. Successfully managing an association brings people together, connecting homeowners with each other to develop that sense of community. On the other hand, failing to meet that standard can divide a community. Homeowners become angry with their board members and board members become angry with their management company. How do you fix this issue? 

There are a few options; give your current management company one more chance, self-manage your HOA, or switch to another company. Unfortunately, one more chance means you are given a little more attention, but only for a short duration. Then it’s back to the old way they managed your association. Another option is self-management. Consider this before making that change: HOA board members are volunteers and most of them work a full-time job all while keeping the community running smoothly. That being said, board members may not have the time to properly manage a community association, so you hire professionals. Which brings us to the final option, switching HOA management companies. Throughout the US there are hundreds of companies claiming to give you the best services and management solutions. But where do they differ? Nearly every management company offers a full-service approach to association management. This means you are paying high prices for their services whether you need them or not. 

This type of HOA management seems to only get worse which is why the industry is changing for the better. Companies like Clark Simson Miller are improving the experience for board members and homeowners alike. But, to understand where HOA management is going, we have to see why the industry is in need of some changes. 

History of Community Association Management

Homeowner association management has changed throughout the years. At first, people would self-manage their small community. Soon after, neighborhoods started expanding from tens to hundreds to thousands of homes, making it difficult for board members to manage. Overwhelmed and overworked, board members turned to full-service management companies to handle every aspect of their association. Homeowners would pay a little more but at least their community was taken care of by professionals. When these companies realized the demand for association management, their prices increased dramatically. An increase in assessments meant smaller communities could not pay for their services, so they returned to self-management. 

For years this process has affected hundreds of HOAs throughout the US. Today nearly half of all communities in the US are self-managed. While they are saving a fortune on management company fees, they are also taking legal and financial risks. HOA accounting alone requires board members to be experienced. Treasurers have to be bonded to even write a check; therefore, AP processes cannot be handled without the risk of being sued by community members. Board members run into these problems all the time. Restrictions make it difficult for them to complete tasks. These issues pose the question: How can you continue to pay less for HOA management, but get the perks of a full-service company?

New Alternative to HOA Management 

Let’s face it, traditional HOA management is outdated. As stated above, full-service management company prices are rising while the quality of customer service is falling and self-management may not be worth the risk. Clark Simson Miller understands these problems and has developed a new and improved way to manage associations of all sizes: Remote Management. 

We define Remote Management as a hybrid HOA management system; combining traditional management services with the freedom of self-management. It is a system by which community managers can assist board members from anywhere in the country, providing accounting support and back-office/ administrative services. So what makes Remote Management differ from other management methods?

Save Big on HOA Management

You hear it all the time, “why pay more for the things you don’t need.” This is exactly what we think! Why should your community have to pay large sums of money for full-service management when all you need is assistance in areas like insurance, collections, homeowner communication, or accounting? The answer is, you shouldn’t. With Remote Management, you pay for the services you require. The money you save with Clark Simson Miller can be placed into your community’s reserve fund or can even allow you to reduce homeowner dues. 

All Communities Are Included

Remote Management also allows us to take on communities that would otherwise be turned away by large association management companies. For example, most large, full-service companies only take on clients with a specific number of property owners. This must exceed a set number of homes, and if your community does not meet this criterion, you must search for another company. It hardly seems fair. Your small community deserves to have the option of hiring a management company. Clark Simson Miller understands the difficulties smaller, self-managed communities face which is why we offer our Remote Management Services to communities of all sizes. 

Remote HOA Management

Clark Simson Miller has revolutionized the community association management industry. This new approach gives board members control of their HOA with the support of a professional company. With Clark Simson Miller, you not only receive a full menu of services at an affordable rate but volunteers are also able to focus on more important association concerns while saving time and energy. We are at the forefront of modern HOA management and continue to improve our services for community associations throughout the US. Call 865.315.7505 or contact us online see how Clark Simson Miller’s Remote Management Services can benefit your community today!

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