FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Stand in the Way

FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Hurt

Despite all the lovely roads and fire trucks we encounter every day, people still like to complain that their taxes aren’t being put to good use. It would seem they’ve never heard of an FHA loan. These aren’t mortgages issued by the Federal Housing Authority, rather ones insured by them. This insurance enables the lender to offer terms with significantly reduced down-payments, sometimes as low as 3.5% of the purchase price. And while the program explicitly exists to aid home buyers and not investors, it can still provide a significant boost to property values.  FHA approval is critical so don’t let condo delinquencies hurt you. If a building has FHA approval, the… Read More

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The Emotional Cost of Foreclosure

Have you ever had to foreclose on a neighbor? The word “foreclosure” strikes a note of fear and panic in most people. Typically, foreclosure is only considered when all other possibilities have been considered and no other solution can be found. It is the final remedy an association has to fix a problem that could otherwise financially cripple a financially sound community. If you’ve ever seen the classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, then you can easily picture the antagonist, Mr. Henry Potter (portrayed as the perfect villain by Lionel Barrymore). Mr. Potter was an evil banker, ready to foreclose with joy on any home owner who has fallen behind… Read More

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HOA & Condo Collections

The Needy, The Greedy, & the Seedy. HOA & Condo Collections

There are many reasons a community association owner is not paying their dues. Some of them are needy, some are seedy, and some are greedy

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Deck / Lanai Refurbishment, Replacement, Maintenance – A Common Budgeting Mistake

Decks / Lanais systems are typically one of the larger project expenses a community will face. Budgeting for their short and long term care is not always as straightforward as it appears to be as the degree of deterioration of this component is heavily reliant on historical maintenance trends in the community. I will touch on one of the more common budgeting mistakes we see on a regular basis. Maintenance and proper care will actually save a community a significant amount of money in the long run; deciding who (and how) this component is maintained can have a significant impact on the budgeting recommendations in the reserve study as well… Read More

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Condo’s Underfunded Reserve Creates Many Problems

C.R. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, I live in a condo building with 58 units. There are zero adornments except for a very nice meeting room. We have two elevators which travel eleven floors up and down. I am currently serving on the board. Our Reserve fund is at 18K which in my eyes is very low. We will need a major elevator repair in a few years and increasing insurance as well as a rooftop service plan. We have decided to increase HOA dues 15% = $3000. more each month or 20% increase equaling an extra $4000. per month. We want to propose this to our… Read More

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