As a Community Association Member, have you ever had trials and tribulations like……

My neighbor lets his iguana swim in the community pool- What, your neighbor has an iguana? Well, the Treasurer and Vice-President of our Board are at war with each other- Is that all? We have widespread parking disputes. That’s nothing! We have one unit owner that keeps storing his belongings in the Common Area. Well, at least he doesn’t hang superman sheets from the window. No, but the lady next door uses her garage as a disco-tech. The list goes on and on.

When troubles like these arise: What to do?? Do you sue? Do you stew? Do you sing the blues? No–Keep Calm, and Call the Mediator!!

A professional mediator experienced in condominium law can help keep your Community Association conflict-free. Mediation is a collaborative, confidential process, aimed at resolving disputes, led by a trained mediator who is a neutral party.

Certain condominium disputes are perfect for resolution through mediation—not litigation. Litigation can be an imperfect tool for resolution of Community Association disputes. It is hallmarked by the “4 C’s”: Costly, Continued, Contentious and Contested. For a fraction of the cost of litigation, and often within one day or less, most Community Association disputes can be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties, through mediation. Mediation has a high success rate. 80-90% of Community Association disputes are resolved with the skill of a trained mediator, specializing in Community Association law.

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where the parties determine the outcome to their own dispute, and consequently, the Agreement reached, which is an enforceable contract, has a high compliance rate. Mediation is a forward-looking, consensus-based process where parties, with the help of a professional mediator, work out their differences.

Communities are made up of people. In Community Association living, you are all in it together- You belong to the same community.  You have common goals and more common ground, than you may think- So, instead of launching litigation against your neighbor or your Board, call a trained mediator.  “Mediate, Don’t Litigate”.

A skilled condominium dispute resolution expert, can help find solutions to Association living disputes, while preserving and strengthening relationships, which is paramount, when you have to live together in the same community.

When Community Associations, “Mediate, Don’t Litigate” they act in the best interests of their members, saving money, time, and stress. The parties have the control over the outcome of their dispute, which can be resolved with creative solutions that may not otherwise be available in traditional, adversarial courtroom settings.

So the next time you have strife in your condo life—or when you have stress because condominium living has become a mess—and when you want your dispute resolved fast and economically, remember, Keep Calm and Call the Mediator!! Giving a skilled condominium dispute mediator a call, may be the best call you make.

Please call, if I can ever be of service-

Kathleen (Kat) Marquis is well-versed in the benefits, costs and uses of Mediation. She is a practicing Attorney and Mediator, specializing in condominium law in New England.  Kat received her Undergraduate Degree as a University Scholar in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal. She graduated Cum Laude from Suffolk University Law School. Attorney Marquis is a Dispute Resolution Professional and is a Court Certified Mediator. She has extensive experience in ADR and has been resolving thousands of cases for over twenty years. She is the author of national and international publications in her field.  Kat frequently conducts seminars for community managers and boards of directors/trustees. Her website information is She can be reached for Mediation and more information at 740-815-8687 or by email at

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