FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Stand in the Way

FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Hurt

Despite all the lovely roads and fire trucks we encounter every day, people still like to complain that their taxes aren’t being put to good use. It would seem they’ve never heard of an FHA loan. These aren’t mortgages issued by the Federal Housing Authority, rather ones insured by them. This insurance enables the lender to offer terms with significantly reduced down-payments, sometimes as low as 3.5% of the purchase price. And while the program explicitly exists to aid home buyers and not investors, it can still provide a significant boost to property values.  FHA approval is critical so don’t let condo delinquencies hurt you. If a building has FHA approval, the… Read More

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Change to the FHA “10% to Reserves” Rule?

FHA approval is a status condo associations can attain, allowing unit owners/buyers to receive FHA insurance on their loans which make those loan more attractive to lenders. Depending on your location, as much as 30% – 40% of all residential … Continue reading → The post Change to the FHA “10% to Reserves” Rule? appeared first on Association Reserves. Read More Robert Nordlund, PE, RSProfessional Capital Budget Planning and Disclosures for Community Associations. Over 40,000 Reserve Studies prepared nationwide and internationally for residential and resort associations. To complement our professional services, in 2010 we launched a free web-based Capital Budget Planning and Disclosure tool for the 95% of community associations… Read More

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Approval With FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – The 10% Rule

In recent years lending institutions have become much more restrictive in approving and/or insuring loans for common interest communities. The FHA approval list has fallen by about 50% over the past 4-5 years. This has been due to a variety of reasons including new more restrictive reserve allocation requirements, owner occupancy standards and extensive documentation requirements. Impact on Market Appeal It has been our experience than many projects have seen declining marketability as financing options have dried up for Buyers. With rising real estate markets across the country this typically means the units in these community are seeing increases at a lower rate than units in communities which are approved… Read More

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