Mortgage holders don't like it when property owners do not pay their maintenance fees

Use Riders to Collect Delinquent HOA Fees

If you have purchased a condominium or property in an HOA you have signed a rider. For condos its called a Condo Rider. For HOAs its Called a PUD Rider. This rider is an attachment to the document recorded in the land records to secure the note given by the lender (aka mortgage). These riders are a path to collect delinquent HOA and Condo Fees. Banks Have a Stake in Assessments Being Paid One of the most important items contained in the Rider deals with maintenance fees. It is very important to the lenders that these fees are current. The mortgage company has an interest in the property. The mortgage company wants… Read More

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FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Stand in the Way

FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Hurt

Despite all the lovely roads and fire trucks we encounter every day, people still like to complain that their taxes aren’t being put to good use. It would seem they’ve never heard of an FHA loan. These aren’t mortgages issued by the Federal Housing Authority, rather ones insured by them. This insurance enables the lender to offer terms with significantly reduced down-payments, sometimes as low as 3.5% of the purchase price. And while the program explicitly exists to aid home buyers and not investors, it can still provide a significant boost to property values.  FHA approval is critical so don’t let condo delinquencies hurt you. If a building has FHA approval, the… Read More

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Keep an eye on your condo and HOA ledgers

Are your Community Association Ledgers accurate?

Are your community association ledgers accurate and are they being kept properly? Are they in good enough order that you would sit in a courtroom and swear under oath that they are accurate? If you have any doubt here are a few pointers that may help keep your ledgers in good order. WHAT YOU NEED TO ENSURE YOUR UNIT LEDGERS ARE IN ORDER As with anything you deal with in a community association the first thing you must do is read the governing documents and answer the following questions: What is your pay period (monthly, quarterly, annual)? What day are your assessments due? What is the grace period allowed in your… Read More

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The Emotional Cost of Foreclosure

Have you ever had to foreclose on a neighbor? The word “foreclosure” strikes a note of fear and panic in most people. Typically, foreclosure is only considered when all other possibilities have been considered and no other solution can be found. It is the final remedy an association has to fix a problem that could otherwise financially cripple a financially sound community. If you’ve ever seen the classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, then you can easily picture the antagonist, Mr. Henry Potter (portrayed as the perfect villain by Lionel Barrymore). Mr. Potter was an evil banker, ready to foreclose with joy on any home owner who has fallen behind… Read More

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HOA Loan Structures & Long Term Budget Shortfalls

HOALendingXchange.comhas made financing for community association capital maintenance needs easily accessible.  Financial institutions that are truly skilled in serving this unique industry can be particularly flexible to the differing needs of each community. Not only does each association have a unique culture but the projects all need to be approached in a tailor-made fashion to suit what they desire to have accomplished.  The financing available is typically low cost because the transactions are acknowledged to be of low risk and the associations often provide the institutions with deposits that allow for buying down the interest rate or loan fees. The one aspect that permeates the vast majority of all communities… Read More

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A Bright Future for Solar Energy in HOAs

According to the Institute for Energy Research, slightly less than 1% of U.S. electricity production comes from solar energy. However, as the industry gets more efficient at producing high quality, affordable solar panels, many HOAs are taking note at how this technology can save money, and in some cases, actually, create an income stream. Solar panels aren’t the only solar energy resources that can be used to help source energy from the sunlight. Pieces of equipment like the inverter and batteries can also help to produce this type of energy into your home or business. Companies similar to this solar energy equipment supplier will be able to provide you with… Read More

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Ways to Pay for Common Area Replacement Expenses

In completing reserve studies for HOA and Condominium Communities we are always reminding Boards and Community Members that common area expenses will occur whether the necessary funds have been set aside or not. The expenses in our reserve study reports are real and to ignore them or just kick the expenses down the road are both fiscally irresponsible and not in the best interest of the community as a whole. While the expenses will occur communities typically have one of several options in how they are paid for and not all are created equally. 1. Regular Assessment Dues – This is by far the cheapest and fairest to the current and future… Read More

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