5 Risks of Self-Managed Community Associations

Self-managed community associations typically avoid professional management companies because of the cost. However, these associations have to ask themselves, “is the liability worth the risk?” As financial and legal responsibilities increase, so too do the risks associated with self-managed community associations. The Risky Business of Being a Self-Managed Community Association The majority of self-managed community associations are run by volunteer board members who typically work full-time jobs, don’t have the time to properly run a community effectively, and lack the industry experience needed to mitigate common risks. With this in mind, the five most common risks associated with self-managed community associations include: Meeting Minutes Compliance: Meeting minutes must be recorded,… Read More

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5 Ways Community Association Managers Can Thrive in a New Year

Now is the perfect time to align your team to prepare for what’s ahead. You may have aggressive goals in the new year to acquire new associations, expand your team, increase profitability, or all of the above. No matter the goal, you’ve also got the added challenge of staying competitive and, hopefully, a step or two ahead of the pack. Here are five ways to ensure you stay on track and turn your vision into reality. 1.) Keep Yourself and Your Team Informed The community association industry is rapidly evolving – are you keeping tabs on the trends and getting this information to those on your team or in the… Read More

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Community Manager Work-Life Balance

3 Steps for Community Managers to Reach a Work-Life Balance

In a recent conversation with Cat Carmichael, CEO of Strategy 123, a management consulting firm, and 2019 President of the Community Associations Institute Board of Trustees, she said that “community managers can spend an average of 8-10 hours a day at work.” That means many community managers are pulling overtime. Perhaps that’s in the form of long days or even coming into the office on weekends to keep up. If you feel that your work-life balance is a 24/7 juggling act, here are three ways to lean on technology to help you cut down on the busywork that can eat up your day. 1. Boost Your Communication Efficiency Fielding calls… Read More

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