Is HOA & Condo Debt ‘Consumer Debt’?

There is some debate in the community association industry what type of debt delinquent assessment constitute. The question being is does HOA & Condo debt constitute consumer debt. Is it a consumer debt like unpaid credit card bills? Or is it something else? Personal opinions vary, but the courts are clear, and their position is critical to how delinquencies are addressed and who should be tasked with collecting them. Precedent in Florida: Assessment Collections is Subject to the Same Consumer Protections as Other Debts The Fla. 1st District Court of Appeals cited in a recent case, Kelly v. Duggan, 282 So. 3rd 969 (Fla 1st D.C.A. 2019) considered whether community association debts fall… Read More

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Rent Is Not the Same as HOA Assessments

For most people, a price is paid every month to maintain shelter whether for a house or an apartment.  Some people pay rent for a residence and some people live in community associations (condos or HOAs). You either pay a landlord rent, or you pay the costs for owning your property (mortgage, maintenance fees, taxes, and insurance). No, Rent Is Not the Same as HOA Assessments. The question today is how this money is applied and how important it is to pay for your housing. Should You Pay Your Rent? Not paying rent is hurtful to landlords who have invested in the purchase of a property and maintain it so… Read More

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4 Ways to Maintain Business Continuity in Times of Disruption

Many community association managers across the country are working to respond to the rapidly changing environment caused by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The best way to prepare your teams and communities for potential challenges is to be proactive. Here are four ways you can use cloud-based technology to maintain operations and safeguard your business during times of disruption. 1. Stay Connected by Streamlining Communications Staying in touch with your board members and homeowners is not only excellent customer service, but it’s also critical to your entire operation. Modern, mobile technology allows you to: Use mobile communication via two-way text messaging, email, and photo attachments so your residents can receive… Read More

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Is your Condo or HOA ready for the next recession

Condos and HOAs in the time of Virus and Recession

3 Lessons We Can Learn From the Past These are not the best of times, and maybe they are not the worst of times, but most certainly they are difficult times. Our health and prosperity are in harm’s way and our residences are on the line. For those of us who live in community associations (Condos & HOAs) these times are reminiscent of the great real estate meltdown of 2008. In those days boards of directors, management companies, and even banks were caught by surprise and chaos resulted. Have we forgotten the experience of high delinquency rates, and the cash flow crisis that resulted from the last crisis? Did we… Read More

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Watson and Axela perfect together

New Strategic Partnership to Help Recover Delinquent Funds for Florida Community Associations

Axela Technologies and Watson Association Management announce a strategic partnership to provide innovative collections solutions for Community Associations in FloridaPRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: MAR 4, 2020 09:00 EST MIAMI, March 4, 2020 ( –​Axela Technologies, a specialized collections firm servicing the community association industry, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Watson Association Management, a division of Watson Realty Corporation. With over 50 offices throughout Florida, Watson is one of the largest and fastest-growing management companies in Florida. By integrating the Axela collections platform with their existing accounting software, Watson community association managers will be able to take advantage of a completely transparent and robust collections process that is easy… Read More

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managing expections

Managing condo owners’ expectations

Condo owners need to respect boundaries and understand when board directors are “on duty” as a director and when they are “off duty” and being an owner. Let me create a scenario. It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re out for a walk with your dog. You see a neighbor walking towards you and as he approaches, he begins discussing a recent decision the condo board has made. You are enjoying being outside and do not want to talk shop with an owner and answer his questions. This is a clear example of an owner not respecting boundaries. Nor is it appropriate that a director discusses a decision made by the… Read More

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