Adam Nagy
Adam Nagy

For over 11 years, I was the regional director for a commercial pool management company in Maryland. One of my roles was to enforce the pass policies of my clients. Overseeing 250 different facilities, I have seen my share of good and bad pass systems.

Every year, I see the challenges and frustrations property managers and patrons face on a regular basis.

• Piles of applications to process
• Patrons blaming management for inconvenient application procedures
• Unauthorized users gaining entrance via pass sharing
• Use of counterfeit passes
• Patrons unable to obtain passes or use the pool on weekends/holidays
• Patrons and guests claiming ignorance of pool rules and policies
• Theft of guest money collected onsite
• Loss of revenue due to loopholes in guest policies

For years I’ve been thinking that there must be a better way. There wasn’t, so I created a better way.

Make this year’s pool season easier for you and your patrons. Contact me today to discuss how I can help!