Community Manager Work-Life Balance

In a recent conversation with Cat Carmichael, CEO of Strategy 123, a management consulting firm, and 2019 President of the Community Associations Institute Board of Trustees, she said that “community managers can spend an average of 8-10 hours a day at work.” That means many community managers are pulling overtime. Perhaps that’s in the form of long days or even coming into the office on weekends to keep up.

If you feel that your work-life balance is a 24/7 juggling act, here are three ways to lean on technology to help you cut down on the busywork that can eat up your day.

1. Boost Your Communication Efficiency

Fielding calls from board members, homeowners, and vendors can be a full-time job. Mixed in with all of those phone calls is a steady stream of emails and walk-in traffic. As a community manager, you want to ensure that everyone has a great experience and feels heard, so how can you lessen the pressure of constant communication?

You can use technology to make your communications with board members and homeowners more efficient to reduce phone time and walk-in traffic. Look for technology that allows for two-way communication, as well as, bulk email and texting to help redirect all of those calls to an organized, seamless experience. Modern software will enable you to communicate with your board, homeowners, and vendors through the software itself while keeping a record of all conversations viewable to anyone on your team. This reduces the risk of something being missed due to conversations left on individual phones or wasted time re-communicating issues or questions to multiple people. 

2. Give Your Association Self-Service Options

Self-service options are quickly becoming the norm. Waiting for bank statements or going into a branch to determine financial health is a thing of the past. Instead, all of this can be done online. This is because the banking industry leveraged technology to make the experience of banking more efficient. The world of community association management is no different. 

Online portals put the power in the hands of your homeowners and board members to instantly access information like board meeting minutes, statements, reports, and balances with the added ability to submit architectural reviews, submit service requests, and pay dues and assessments. Board members can do all of this, in addition to approving invoices and accessing financial reports and statements. With easy access to self-service options for homeowners and board members, you’ll see a decrease in the number of calls, walk-ins, and emails, giving you more time in your day to take a lunch break knowing that everything is under control.

3. Provide a Mobile Experience

Providing a mobile experience for yourself and your team can have a positive impact on work-life balance. Site walkthroughs can be completed from a mobile device, cutting down on the time it takes to upload photos and input notes in the office. Staying connected to the business from the office or in the field gives you the ability to keep a pulse on your associations at nearly all times. This greater flexibility empowers you and your team to decide when and where to work within the structure of your business operations – the key to balancing work and life.

Homeowners and board members also need to easily stay connected no matter where they are or what device they’re using, boosting their experience, and meeting their expectations. Many software solutions offer a mobile app, making it that much easier and quicker for residents to get the info they need without having to log in and remember their password each time.

Balance Makes You a Better Community Manager

By streamlining communication, providing self-service options, and ensuring a mobile experience, you can make significant progress toward tipping your work-life balance in the right direction. It also empowers your team to deliver faster, more consistent, superior customer service that fosters growth and prosperity.

Learn more about how you can leverage the power of community association management software that scales as your business grows while helping you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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