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  • Free Guide To Florida Condo Collections – Boards and Managers - Click Here to Get Your Free Guide to Florida Condo Collections with Bonus Material – Sample Uniform Collection Policy & Rental Demand Letter
  • The FHA has changed the rules for condos - Your board of directors can increase the value of your property by becoming compliant with FHA standards.
  • Condo and HOA Budget Season - The budget season is an excellent time to reflect on the past, consider the current needs, and look to the future.
  • 3 Steps for Community Managers to Reach a Work-Life Balance - In a recent conversation with Cat Carmichael, CEO of Strategy 123, a management consulting firm, and 2019 President of the Community Associations Institute Board of Trustees, she said that “community managers can spend an average of 8-10 hours a day at work.” That means many community managers are pulling overtime. Perhaps that’s in the form of long days or even coming into the office on weekends to keep up. If you feel that your work-life balance is a 24/7 juggling act, here are three ways to lean on technology to help you cut down on the busywork that can eat up your day. 1. Boost Your Communication Efficiency Fielding calls… Read More
  • Break the Cycle of your HOA or Condo Going Self-Managed to Full-Managed and Back Again - Do you notice at your HOA or Condo Community, or a neighboring property, where they seem to switch from full management to self-management and back again?  Why does this happen, what are the costs of this change, and how can it be stopped?  How do you break the cycle of your HOA or Condo going self-managed to full-managed and back again? A former owner of a large management company and reserve study company as well as the former CAI Connecticut Chapter President Walt Williamsen has seen many trends during his decades in the HOA and Condo Management Industry.    One trend he has spotted is a pattern where boards vacillate between… Read More

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