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invname The Manager Minute! by

Step 3 of Julie's 12 Step Program for Managers

invname Company Brochure by

Download our free brochure!

invname Underfunding Reserves - Keep Calm & Be Smart! by

Join Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves ( in this webinar recorded 10/30/13 where we share the facts about how many associations across the country are underfunded, how underfunding is measured and defined, and the "Best Practices" of the 30% of associations who are not underfunded.

invname Colorado HB 13-1276 by

In this video we discuss HB 13-1276 and what associations must do in order to comply with the new laws.

invname HOA Lending Solutions Video Message by Founder, Bob Gourley, discusses reasons that HOALendingSolutions can help provide loans and financing for your Condominium, Homeowner Association, Timeshare, & Other Cooperative Properties

invname Add-Ventures Brochure by

Company brochure with some history and a list of services.

invname Marijuana and Community Associations by

Marijuana is a hot topic in Colorado. Is there anything an association can do to prevent owners from using, growing or opening a dispensary in a mixed use community? This video discusses different tools associations could use in order to control marijuana use.

invname New Davis-Stirling Act & Reserve Funding by

Updated Law Amounts to New Set of Civil Code References for Reserve Funding Matters