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groupname 2017 MOTY Stage I Finalists A group dedicated to the 2017 "Manager of the Year" Stage I Finalists. A place to connect and share with other top tier managers across the nation. Private
groupname Ask Mister Condo Friendly Answers to your Condo Questions! Mister Condo is here to give friendly advice and promote awareness of how to make the most from your condominium living experience. “Ask Mister Condo” is the friendly place to ask questions about all things condo. Mister Condo knows a lot of the answers but when he doesn’t, he isn’t afraid to ask a local expert for help in answering your questions. Mister Condo is not an attorney and offers no legal advice in this column. He is a very well-mannered condominium dweller with many years of practical experience living in several of Connecticut’s fine condominium communities. He asks that you be well-mannered as well so we can all enjoy the advice presented in this column. Public
groupname Association Life Association Life Private
groupname Building Envelope Repair For building envelope professionals. Discussion of building codes, air barriers, vapor retarders, insulation, exterior walls, roofing, windows, doors, etc. Public
groupname CAI Everywhere Chapter The CAI Every Where Topic Range Public
groupname California Community Assocation Managers Conversations for community association managers practicing in California Public
groupname California Condos Discussing how surfing keeps condos healty Public
groupname Colorado Legal Matters Conversations related to legal matters that affect associations in Colorado. Chat about everyday questions as well as legislation and where the industry is headed. Public
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