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Hoarder Refusing Unit Access Adds to Hurricane Irma Damage

E.E. from Florida writes: Dear Mister Condo, We just suffered flooding due to Hurricane Irma in 3 of our 6 townhome buildings. The building where we are having an issue has 6 units adjoined by a 2-hour firewall. We have 1 unit owner is a hoarder – very bad, almost no walkpath. The unit flooded … Continue reading Hoarder Refusing Unit Access Adds to Hurricane Irma Damage Read More

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Sibling of Unit Owner Wants to Serve on the Condo Board

Publishing Delinquent Condo Owners Information in the Condo Newsletter!

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Condo Association Repairs Damaged Patio – Kind of…

Condo Trustees Overstepping Their Authority

Who Hires the Contractor Paid for with Association Insurance?

Does Condo Board Need to Report Burglaries to Unit Residents?

Changing Unlimited Condo Trustee Term of Service to Limited

Condo Boat Dock Rules Enforcement

Wanted: Board President!

Handicapped Owner Seeking Permission to Modify Association Pathway

Proper Procedure for Condo Board Appointees and Nominees

Can HOA Meeting Minutes Be Posted to the Web and Not Mailed to Owners?

Can I Publish Condo Meeting Board Minutes on My Own Web Page?

Who Chooses Contractor to Repair Damage Done to My Unit?

Illegally Parked Car on the Condo Common Grounds Leads to Illegal Activity

Minnesota Condo 10% Reserve Fund Requirement Questioned. Uff Da!

Condo Unit Owner Correspondence Not Being Read at Unit Owner Meetings

Condo’s Percentage of Unit Ownership Formula Not Being Followed

Unit Owner’s Fiancé Banned from the Community Association

Condo Special Assessment is Due but Repairs are Not Made!

Condo Developer Transition Complete; Or Is It?

Condo Renter Smoking Out Other Unit Owners

Condo Heating Season Starts Too Late!

Fellow Unit Owners Creating Unbearable Condo Rooftop Noise!

Delinquent Condo Common Fee Statute of Limitations

Deep Question About a Condo Elevator Sump Pump

Condo Association Facing the Music (Royalties, that is!)

Condo Association Radon Mitigation

Who Approves Condo Association Fire Lanes?

Washington State Condo Lien Conundrum

Condo Board Service or Amenity?

Lack of Condo FHA Certification Prevents Mortgage Approval

Can The Board Remove a Fellow Member of the Board for Breaking Rules?

Can a Board Member from outside the Association be Contracted to Serve?

Condo Common Fees Raised Unevenly

Phantom Condo Board

HOA Board President Attempts to Restrict Service Animal

Condo Renter Complaining of Loud Rooftop Air Conditioner Noise

Must I Provide Phone Number and Email to Other Condo Unit Owners?

Inspection of Condominium Records by New Board Member

Condo Handicapped Parking for Secondary Vehicle?

Smokey Robinson’s Condo Insurance Advice

“Two For Tuesday” Condo Questions on Handicapped Parking and Late Payments

Condo Carport Can’t Be Used for Parking!

Upstairs Condo Unit Owner Allows for Potential Flooding of Downstairs Unit

Condo Unit Owner Seeking To Keep Visitor as a Non-Resident

Condo Minutes Reflecting Board Member Recall

Law to Limit the Amount of Condo Common Fee Increases?

Condo Association Governance Review Questions

Question of Leaking Condo Basement Responsibility

Condo Unit Owner’s Contractor Damages Temporary Fix on Neighbor’s Roof

Finding a Quality Property Manager for Your Condo

Condo Waste Water Stack Floods Unit Owner’s Kitchen!

Not Happy With Contractor’s Work at Condo

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Happy Memorial Day!

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Minutes from Private Meetings of Condo Board Members

Condo Parking Lot Abused by Renters and Overnight Guests

Condo Board Issues Fines Without Warnings

Condo Unit Owner Suing Association for Deductible on Vehicle Vandalism

Condo Association Denies Parking for Renter

Condo Chimney Liner Improperly Installed; Who Pays for Repair?

Is Overhanging Condo Roof “Immediately Adjoining”?

Smoked Out by Renting Condo Neighbors

Co-op Tenant Unhappy with Unit Condition and Lack of Maintenance

Condo Insurance Deductible Payment Required Before Repair Work is Completed

HOA Board Governing but Not by The Rules!

Condo Renter Exceeds Allowable Cars and Gets Towed!

What Type of Condo Insurance Covers an Arbitrated Dispute?

Texas Condo President May Need Some Training and Guidance

How Many Condo Meeting Agenda Items on One Proxy?

Personal Use of Condo Unit Owner Mailing List

Condo Board Not Following Master Deed or By-Laws

Exercising Tenant Creates HOA Challenge

Not Enough Time Given To Pay Condo Special Assessment

Condo Association Caused Damage Left Unrepaired

No Designated Condo Parking Spaces

Condo Neighbor Crosses the Line

Condo Exterior Not Repaired in Timely Fashion

Condo Board Paying “Consultant Fees” to Select Unit Owners

Condo Repaving Project Costs Unit Owner Parking Space

Condo Board Claims It Can’t Enforce Rules Against Renters!

Condo Board’s Actions Questioned By Unit Owners

Condo Caretaker Employed Without Contract

Common Element or Limited Common Element; That is the Question!

Claws Out Over HOA Cat Enclosure!

Florida Condo Landlord Has Renting Rules Changed After Purchase

PUD Owner Denied Solar Power Access

Can The Board Change the Condo Annual Meeting Date?

2-Unit Condo Doing It All Wrong!

Are Condo Board Members Allowed to Cast Proxy Votes?

Marking the Condo Parking Lot to Confuse Burglars

Non-Smoking Condo Unit Dweller Fined For Littering Cigarette Butts!

Condo Board Request Unit Owner Mortgage Loan Info

Current Condo Board Obligated to Contracts from Previous Board

Enforcing Condo’s “No Rooftop Satellite Dish” Rule

Cognitive and Physical Abilities Questioned of Aged Condo Board Members

Must Condo Association Provide Handicapped Parking for Renter?

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Required Amount of Condo Visitor Parking

Peace and Quiet Lacking at This Cape Cod Condo

Is a Condo Tag Sale a Good Idea?

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More Condo Financial Transparency Sought

Condo Board Chooses Not to Enforce Rules

Majority Condo Owner As Condo Manager Creates Conflict of Interest

Too Many Condo Units; Too Few Parking Spaces; No Parking Rules

Condo Owner Assessed for Uncommon Snow Removal in Common Parking Lot

Michigan Condo Right to Access For Maintenance Questioned

Can The Spouse of a Condo Board Member Serve in Lieu of the Board Member?

Previous Condo Owner Liable for Improper Window Replacement

It’s a “Lose/Lose” for The Underfunded Reserve Condo Owner

Condo Tenant Creatively Tries to Skirt Parking Rules

Can the Condo Board Temporarily Reassign My Parking Space?

Declarant Leaving New HOA With Unfinished Roads

Records of Condo Common Fees Receipt Missing; Late Fees Ensue!

Condo Board’s Attorney Expenses Against Renter Passed on to Landlord Owner

Deeding Condo Parking Lot Spaces

Condo Developer Used “Bait and Switch” Tactic to Sell Units

Condominium Association and HOA Loan Challenges

Condo Owner’s Special Assessment Voting Rights Questioned

Potential Condo Landlord Needs To Know When Unit Can Be Rented

Condo Owners Use of Facility when Unit is Rented

Questions and Answers about HOA and Condominium Association Loans

Condo Responsibility for Ice Dammed Roof Engineering

Hello world!

Condo Dog Owner Responsibility

Condo Rules on Number of Dogs Allowed Changed

Who Hires the Condo Contractor to Repair Unit Interior?

When Condo Trustees Don’t Get Along…

Abandoned and Foreclosed Condo Unit Ruining Neighbor’s Condo Life

Condo Ice Dam Damage Improperly Repaired

Faulty Condo HVAC May Not Be Board’s Fault

New Pavement Leads to Unfavorable Condo Parking Lot Reassignment

Condo Unit Owners Seek Reimbursement for Building Repairs

Seeking Condo Development Funds

Resident Condo Manager and Board President Not Communicating

Condo Insurance Claim Yields Extra Money for Association

Are Condo Special Assessments Public Records?

Good Governance by the Condo Board Does Not Include Yelling!

Who Can Serve on the Condo Master Association?

In Search of… The Board Member Toolkit!

The Power of the Proxy at Condo Annual Meetings

“55 and Over” HOA Seeking to Repeal “55 and Over” Status

Condo Board Asks Unit Owner to Remove Plants and Bird Bath

Condo Parking and Towing Insurance Issues

Condo Neighbor Cooking Up Some Bad Odors!

Reluctant Condo Landlord Flooded With Problems

Should Board Honor Mailing Request of Unit Owner’s Son Who Has Power of Attorney?

Can Condo Board Member Delinquent on Special Assessment Still Serve?

Florida Condo’s Rules on “Relatives” Allowed to Stay at Condo Changes

How Often is the Condo Board Required to Meet?

Condo Rules Unenforced for Many Years

Welcome, 2016!

Smoking Neighbor Ruining Condo Living Experience

Can the Condo Board Function Without a Secretary?

Leaking Condo AC Unit Causes Tremendous Damage

Checks and Balances for Condo Board Expenses

Do Condo Rules Prohibit Routine Automobile Maintenance?

Must Condo Board Reveal Unit Owner Requests to Other Unit Owners?

No Condo Fees for 19 Years!

15 Year HOA Property Maintenance Neglect Creates Today’s Problem

Risk Created By Condo Owners Friends Performing Remodel

Condo Will Not Renew Leases For Tenants With Pets

Pet Owners Dismayed Over New Condo Rules

Condo Buyers Inspection Report vs. Association Responsibility

Condo Play Area Rules Discriminates Against Children!

Assigned Condo Parking Space Has Impediment

What is “Cash” On a Condo Financial Statement?

42 Years on the Condo Board!

$250 Pet Fee Instituted at Condo

Ridiculous Paperwork Fine Levied by Condo Association

Managing Condo Trustee Not Sharing Records

Condo Unit Owner Common Water Usage Bill Doubled

Board Mandates Replacement of Unit Owner Windows

Condo Association Won’t Repair Year-Old Water Leak

Condo’s Limited Common Elements Incorrectly Maintained By Association

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mixed Use Condo Facing Parking Lot Responsibility Challenge

Cat Lover Looking to Buy Pet Free Condo

Steep Common Entrance Poses Challenge for Recently Handicapped Unit Owner

Condo President Employing Unit Owner for Questionable Common Area Work

Condo Bulk Trash Eliminated; Residents Still Dumping

Board Raises Condo Fees Without Unit Owner Vote

Private Parking Firm for NY Condo Raises Fees and Forgets to Bill Unit Owner

Condo Unit Owners Not Returning Emergency Contact Forms

Inherited Mysterious Condo Loan

Lightning Strikes Condo HVAC; Who Pays?

Condo Visitor Parking Lot Changes

POA Challenges in Arkansas

Condo Water Cost Chargeback Question

Improper Notification of Condo Pool Rules Questioned

Noisy Condo Neighbors Are a Nuisance!

Former Owner Installed Unapproved Condo Landscaping

TV-Sized Hole in Neighboring Abandoned Condo Unit Left Unrepaired!

Renters Bring “Service Animals” Into Pet-Restricted Condo!

Parking Lot Abuses are Out of Control at this Condo!

HOA Denies “Reasonable Accommodation” for RV for Disabled Resident

Multiple Deeded Claims to Condo Parking Spaces

Non-Unit Owner Wants to Be Condo President or Property Manager

How Does Condo Unit Owner Bankruptcy Effect Common Fee Collection?

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Condo Board President Targeting Unit Dog Owners

Property Manager Licensing in Connecticut

Lack of Agreement at Two-Unit Condo

Leaky Windows Installed Years Ago Causes Hole in Condo Floor Today

Condo Board Underinsures Association

Condo Board Issues Unreasonable Rules on Pet Walking Areas

Unattached Houses to Condominium Conversion Sought in Maryland

Unilateral, Not Selective, Action Against Condo Rule Breakers

Condo Board Lays Off Condo Superintendent; Unit Owners Unhappy

Condo Board President Accused of Election Hampering

Small Condo Justice Most Unjust!

“Visitors Only” Handicapped Parking Replaces General Use Handicapped Condo Parking

Shutting Off Cable TV to a Delinquent HOA Member

Disagrees With Condo Board’s Decision to Ban New Type of Window

Buying a Nice Condo With A Badly Worn Roof

General Rule of Thumb for Condo Reserve Fund?

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Videotaping Condo Maintenance Worker Without Consent

Condo Special Assessment Grace Period

Use of Proxies to Recall Condo Board Member

How Many Vehicles Can Park in A Deeded Condo Parking Space?

Condo Association Mandates Outside Lights Be Left On All Night

Unreported Condo Renter; Unreported Dogs in the Condo

Delayed Condo Snowfall Special Assessment Strikes New Unit Owner

Bathroom Remodeling Project and Faulty Water Shut-off Valve = Condo Nightmare

Banning a Condo Board Member from Future BOD Service

No Volunteers Willing to Serve on the Condo Board; Chaos Ensues!

Larger Condo Deck Request Can Lead to Much Larger Condo Problems!

Is This Co-op Property Manager Going Too Far?

Condo Parking Rules Not Followed… Or Enforced!

Mixed-Use Condo Mixed Up Over Use of Condo Clubroom

Condo Patio Roof Ownership Questioned

Condo Association Sponsor Performing Poorly

Landlord Unit Owner Hit With High Condo Fees and Charges

Condo Board Decides to Join and Pay Dues to Voluntary Lake Association

Condo Common Ground Used for Holiday Party!

Special Assessment to Lower Condo Taxes in Delaware

Banning a Former Condo Board Member from Future Service

90% of the Condo Unit Owners Want a Dog Run

Paying Interest on a Non-Existent HOA Loan

Condo Board Encourages Satellite Dishes to Common Exterior

Absentee Condo Board Member Hurts the Association

Condo Neighbor Parks Three Cars In Two Spaces!

Can the Condo Board Vote by Email?

Condo Unit Owner Can’t Get Out of the Sun!

Trickle Down Effect of Multiple Condo Unit Foreclosures Within an HOA

Half Million Dollar Condo Loan Has Unit Owners Worried

Asked to Keep Dogs Off Unit Owner’s “Front Yard”

Crooked Condo Board and Manager Alleged

Tennessee Condo Purchaser BOD Attendance Rights

Ice, Mold, Missing Insurance Settlement Money Add Up to Condo Problems!

Coop Ding Dong Gone Wrong!

New CAI Video for Community Association Members and

Condo Snowfall Assessment Leaves Unit Owner Cold!

Over Grown Common Area Result of Under Active Board

Complaint Against the Condo Association

Warrantee Coverage for Condo Roof Damaged by Harsh Winter?

Condo Rules Bent for Some; Not All!

Condo Board Considering Loan Brokering: Bad Idea!

New Jersey HOA Reserve Fund Law

Unapproved Condo Deck Painting – Permission or Forgiveness?

Forced to Pay Interest on Unwanted Condo Loan

Condo Ice Damming Makes a Repeated Damned Mess!

Dysfunctional HOA is no FUN!

How Does a Maryland Condo Association Get a Loan?

Condo Unit Owner Unhappy with Bulk Cable Provider

Cape Cod Condo Quandary

Michigan Condo Maintenance Responsibility

Proof that My Dog Violates the Condo Rules?

Heated Debate Over Condo Air Conditioners

Condo Board Lax on Trespassing and Property Protection

Inaction on Broken Pool Heater Leaves Condo Owner Cold

Removing Unproductive Condo Board Member

Condo Board President Refuses to Issue Handicapped Space

Refusal to Pay Condo Special Assessment Can Lead to Foreclosure

Difficult Condo Owner Annoying Board and Residents

NJ Condo Owner Wants Condo Audit Independent of Board

Condo Sump Pump Maintenance and Liability

Enforcement of Unrecorded Condo Governing Documents

Condo Association Mission Statement

Homeowner Calls Special Meeting of Condo Association Members

Uninsured Gardener for the Condo Association

Condo Board Lawsuit – What To Do?

Must I Use Condo Board-Approved Contractors?

Leaking Condo Chimney Leaves Unit Owner Soaked

Board Secretary Regularly Absent from Condo Board Meetings

Unlicensed Property Manager and Bullying Condo Board President

Major Flood Damage to Condo Unit Causes Ongoing Problems

Condo Owner Seeing Red Over Damaged Greens

Squeaky Floor Causes Noisy Ceiling for Downstairs Condo Neighbor

Who Pays for a Delay in Turning Over a Newly Built Condo?

Who Owns the Condo Parking Spaces?

Exorbitant Condo Snow Removal Bills

Forcing the Condo Lockbox on Unwilling Unit Owner

Multiple Unit Owners from Same Unit Serving on the Condo Board

Don’t Turn Off the Condo Water Supply on Delinquent Unit Owner!

Condo Parking For Sale by Board

ESA versus Pet versus Condo Association

Condo Foundation Crack Creating Multiple Problems

Contentious Condo Owner Bombarding Board with Information Requests

Can the Board Reassign Condo Parking Spaces?

10% Condo Reserve Fund Just Isn’t Enough!

Closed Condo Committee Meetings and CIOA

Verbal or Written Petition to Call a Special Meeting of Condo Unit Owners?

Condo Video Surveillance of Private Areas

First Time Boston Condo Buyer Concerned Over Lack of Reserve Fund

Why Can’t I Install Windows At My Condo On My Own?

Improper Notice of Condo Board Meeting Leads to Questionable Actions

Condo Parking Lot Warning Stickers

State Law Requiring Shoveling of Condo Walkways

Condo Drama of the Highest Order

Cited by the Board for Too Much Condo Noise

Condo Comment Box for Owners and Renters; Good Idea?

Management Company Employee Assaulted on Condo Grounds

Right to Inspect Association Employee Salaries

Condo Owner Cited for Kitchen Remodel Done Years Prior by Previous Owner

Condo May Need to Rewrite Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules

Small Condo with Big Governance Issues

Should Maintenance Receipts Be Included with the Condo Minutes?

Condo Meetings Running Wild!

Unit Owner Filming Other Unit Owner Violating Condo Rules

Can We Pay Ourselves for Work Done at the Condo?

By the Numbers: California Condo Special Assessment

Can I Claim my Condo Neighbor’s Unused Parking Space?

How Many Handicapped Parking Spaces Required at a Condo?

WHOA, Mister Condo! Not so fast!

Small Condo, Big Condo Governance Problem

Nominating Committee for Self-Managed Condo

Property Management Firm Not Performing to Association’s Expectations

Whose Insurance Pays for Condo Damage from Upstairs Burst Pipe?

Condo Garage Door Assessment for Unit Owner with No Garage!

Florida Condo Association Restricts Use of Boat Docks

Condo Sump Pump Thump and Bump!

Increase to Condo Common Fees Means No More Special Assessments

Which Insurance Coverage Covers Condo Ice Dam Damage?

No Money, No Meetings at the Condo

Condo Roof Snow Becomes Condo Ground Ice!

Faulty Plumbing in Florida Condo Causing Septic Nightmare

Settling Foundation Leads to Uneven Condo Floors

Long Term Effects of Low Condo Common Fees Felt in New Jersey!

Lien Holder Notification in Condo or HOA Foreclosure

What Steps Does the HOA Take to Place a Lien on Delinquent Unit?

Bay State Small Condo Governance Quandary

Unit Owner Paid For Condo Building to be Painted

Condo Snow and Ice Removal Insufficient

Condo President Fires Condo Maintenance Employee

Term Limits for Condo Board Members

2015 CAI-CT Condo/HOA Conference & Expo

Condo Replacement Windows Require Board Approval

HOA Licensure for Foreclosure?

Condo Contractor Unlicensed and Uninsured

Do Unrelated Co-Owners of Condo Need a Special Contract?

Condo Association Requires Vehicle Information

Pay To Park in Condo Guest Parking

Right To Inspect Condo Association Contracts

Foreclosing on a Deceased Condo Unit Owner’s Estate

Condo Board Member Elected V.P. Wishes to Serve At Large

Planned Unit Development Delinquency Rate Effect on Mortgage

Slip and Fall Inside the Condo Shower; Who Gets Sued?

Damned Condo Ice Dams!

Sample Condo Board Minutes

Who Pays for the Condo Property Manager’s Cell Phone?

Smart Phones and HOA Communication Strategies

Unapproved Condo Skylights Letting In More than Light!

The Condo Board Controls the Condo’s Bulletin Board

Condo’s Bollard Lights Bollixed

Distress for Condo Manager In a Distressed Association

How to Handle Unruly Condo Unit Owners

Condo Dog Fight With No End in Sight

Condo Owner with Reverse Mortgage Can Still Be Foreclosed

Delinquent Condo Fees and Foreclosures

Workmen’s Compensation and Condominium Insurance

HOA Board Paints Homes Twice in Five Years

Condo Unit Owner Refusing to Accept Mail from the Association

Condo Board Reassigning Parking Spaces After 18 Years!

Fired Up Over Condo Smoke Alarm Inspection Fee

Shining the Sun on HOA Solar Rights

Condo Board Member Slanders and Defames Fellow Board Member

Ask Mister Condo In Print? I’m Flattered!

Warped Condo Siding – Who Pays?

Condo Executive Board Approves Budget Without Meeting!

Condo Window Film In Place for 6 Years Has Got To Go!

Withholding Common Fees to Force Condo Unit Repair!

Condo Beautification Guidelines

Condo Adds Hiking Trail and Potential Liability!

Unit Owner Responsibility Repairs Made with Association Funds!

Replacing a Condo Property Manager During Developer Control

2015 Manager of the Year Call for Nominations!

Calling All Condo Board Presidents

Welcome, 2015!

Condo Leaky Pipe Draining Insurance Resources

Condo Board Allowed Unit Owners to Not Pay Common Fees!

Verbally Abusive Unit Owner Not Following Condo Rules

Selective Enforcement of Condo Parking Rules

Happy Holidays from Ask Mister Condo

Water from My Unit Damaged Downstairs Condo Unit

Condo Owners Verbally Assaulted ; Call the Police!

In the Dark Over Condo Emergency Lighting

Condo Living With Marijuana Smoking Neighbors

Condo Association Has No Bylaws!

Canadian Condo Fee Increase Without a Vote

Are Condo Reserves Required by Law?

Condo Dog Walking No Longer Possible

Condo Board Unresponsive to Owner

Condo Fireplace Vent Improperly Installed

Condo Conveyance and Rental Fees

Second Hand Smoke Ruining Condo Life

Does the Condo Board Have to Answer My Question at a Meeting?

Action Against Condo Problem Tenant Sought

Years’ Worth of Uncollected Common Fees Asked to Be Paid

Condo Balance Sheet Out of Balance

How Much Auditing of the Condo’s Finances is Required?

Condo Board Member Bullying Fellow Board Member

Changing a Limited Common Element to a Common Element

Condo Snow Removal Causes Condo Debt to Pile Up

Condo Board Voting on Items Not on Agenda

Veteran Condo Owner Abused by Neighbor!

Condo General Manager or Condo Control Freak?

Larger Condo Unit; Larger Common Expense

Who Can Use Condo Handicapped Parking Spaces?

Injured at the Condo; Who Will Get Sued?

Homeless Relative Making a Home in Condo Carport

How Can I Follow “Ask Mister Condo”?

Can Board Raise Common Fees So High as to Force Owners Out?

Self Managed Condo; Self Managed Board President

Can We Change Our Condo Fees?

Handicapped Visitor Parking Versus Paid Condo Parking

Condo Board Refuses to Mandate Older Water Heater Replacement

Condo Board Member Passes Away; No Agreement on Replacement

Board Action Required to Add Condo Entrance for Disabled

Who Pays for Sealed Condo Chimney Inspection?

Offensive HOA President Accused of Abusing Association Funds

Condo Dissolution Sought

Condo Contemplates Adjoining Land Purchase

Mixed Use Condo; Mixed Up Board!

Where to Live While Condo Repairs Are Made

Condo Unit Guest Intimidated Condo Employee

Condo Parking Lot Turned into Obstacle Course

Condo Walkways and Parking Lot Failing

Unlicensed Contractor Hired by Condo President

Inconsiderate Condo Neighbor Constantly Running Washing Machine

Oversized Vehicle Blocking Access to Condo Parking

Storage Containers, Previously Allowed At Condo, No Longer Allowed

How Long Can a Condo Board Take to Enforce Rule Violation?

Increasing the Number of Condo Board Members

Hoarding Condo Unit Owner Leaves; Rubbish Remains!

Condo Parking; Why Front End In?

No Bad Dog, Just a Bad Dog Owner at this Condo

Bullying Committee Member Has to Go

Seeking to Remove Condo Board President

Newsletters for Associations and the Businesses that Service Them

Insurance for Condo Water Tank Failure Questioned

Are Condo Complaints Public Record?

Condo Landslide Leads to Potential Nightmare

Percentage of Condo Unit Ownership Formula Questioned

Motorcycles Double Parked at the Condo

Removing Skylights During Condo Roofing Project

How Many Votes Does the Condo Developer Get?

St. Louis Condo With Unwritten Governance?

Can Careless Condo Parking be Corrected?

All Kinds of Roofing Problems at this Condo

What to Do When Condo Owners Don’t Follow Rules

Condo Fees and Fines

Repairs to the Condo Not Yet Made After Special Assessment Levied

Condo Resale Packages and Pending Litigation

Personal Information and the Condo Board

Fines for Children Playing in Condo Parking Lot

Questionable Deck Listed in Plat and Plan of Condo Conversion

Secondhand Smoke from Downstairs Condo Neighbor

Insurance Money Used By Board for Common Fee Delinquency

Improper Condo Governance Charged

Condo Guest and Tenant Policies Questioned

Condo Board Facing Developer Transition Mess

Dogs No Longer Allowed at the Condo!

Condo Playground Battle Brewing

Happy Labor Day!

Association’s Right to Know Who Is Living in the Condo

Condo Reserve Fund Accounting Question

Condo Lawn Service Not Performing to Owner’s Expectations

Condo Maintenance Responsibility Letter

Whose Responsibility is Condo’s Sagging Floors and More?

Not Renting the Condo by the Rules

AirBnB? Not at this Condo!

No Money to Replace Shot Shingles at this Condo

Board Mandating Downstairs Unit Flooding Coverage for Upstairs Units

Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover Damage to Downstairs Condo

Up in the Air Over Condo Skylight Repair

Condo Fire Pit Rules and Restrictions

15 Years in the Wrong Condo Parking Space?

Condo Self Management Laws

Is A Lawyer Needed for Condo Rule Changes?

Minimum Payment to Association Reserve Fund Law?

Michigan Condo Board President Overstepping Authority

Signatory Issues at this Condo

Like Father, Like Daughter at this Condo

Condominium Law on Master Associations?

Condo Owner Soaked and Stressed and Soaked Some More

Noisy Neighbor Creates Condo Feud

Can Dog-Free Condo Deny Residency to Guide Dog Trainer?

Pumped Up Over Condo Sump Pump

Upkeep of Family Cemetery on Association Grounds

Voting Rights Blocked By Condo Property Manager

Condo Special Assessment Misappropriated

Communication Issues May Lead to Condo Foreclosure

How Many Lawsuits Against HOAs and Condominium Associations?

Condo Unit Mortgages and the Board’s Right to Know

Condo Nosey Neighbor Strikes Again!

Tandem Parking Allowed at Condo!

Rebuilding the Condo After a Fire

Automated Condo Entry Door isn’t Automatic

Problems with the Board, Problems with the Condo

Shortage of Condominium Handicapped Parking Spaces

Insurance for Condo Renters

Condo Noise Rules?

Condo Concerns in Aging Community

Elected to the Board… Now, What?

Grandfathered at Grandmother’s Condo?

Governing Those Who Don’t Care

Landscaping: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About!

Happy Independence Day!

Can I see the Condo Manager’s Contract?

Condominium Newsletters, Websites, Facebook, Twitter and More! Condominium Associations are Communicating Like Never Before!

Explaining the “Benefits” of a New Roof

Unruly Unit Owner Disrupts Annual Condo Meeting!

What’s the difference between “Delinquency” and “Delinquent, See”?

Are There Sample Condo Rule Violation Letters?

Tell Everyone How You Maintain, Protect, and Enhance!

Using Your Condominium Newsletter to Tell the FHA Story

Fined for Renting a Condo that Was Never Rented!

The Cutting Truth about Beautification

Communications and Community Governance

The Emotional Cost of Foreclosure

Keeping It Legal – The Story of Your Community Association’s Attorney

Too Much Barking from Condo Neighbor’s Dogs!

Rotting Condo Decks are a Rotten Shame… And Liability!

Producing an Effective Community Newsletter

Tell Me I’m Beautiful!

Poorly Maintained Condo Greens Has Unit Owner Seeing Red!

Failure to Communicate Can Lead to a Manager’s Failure

Condominium Newsletters are Useful and Necessary Communication Tools

Loud Music Played in the Wee Hours in the Condo Parking Lot!

The Value of Education in Your Communications

Condo Residents Demand – Show Me The Money!

Can the Board Tell Me What to Use Inside My Condo?

"A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"

Condominium Newsletters from MyEZCondo Keep Condominium Unit Owners Informed and Involved in Their Communities

Too Much Partying Next To the Condo

FHA certification and your community!

Condo Owner Wants to Defend Neighbor

FEMA Says Condo Is Now In a Flood Zone!

Indecent Behavior (and Exposure!) on Condo’s Common Grounds

Should You Refinance Your HOA Loan?

Treadmill for Migraine Gives Downstairs Condo Neighbors Headaches!

When a Community Has No Newsletter…

The Importance of Communication to a Self-Managed Condo or HOA

Where’s the Money? Let’s Talk About It…

Smaller Condo Unit Owner Paying an Unfair Share

Ask Mister Condo!

Community Associations and Social Media

Using Your Newsletter to Explain CIOA to Your Community Association

A Video Message from HOALendingSolutions

How Does Your Timeshare Association Qualify For a Loan?

Loans Are a Great Option for Home Owners Associations

Lending to Condominium Associations

New Funding Resource for Timeshare Renovations & Upgrades

HOA Loan Structures & Long Term Budget Shortfalls

Borrowing Is an Option for Home Owners Associations

Does Your Business Specialize in Lending to Condominium Associations?

Will Our Community Association or Timeshare Qualify for a Loan?

Is Condominium Association Financing Right For You?

Wife is Condo Owner; Can Husband Serve on the Board?

Insuring the Uninsured at this New Jersey Condominium

Condo Board Member Requirements

Can the Board Tell Me What To Do Inside My Condo?

Contractor Walks Away from Condo Job; Who Pays?

Alone in the Condo but Accused of Making too Much Noise!

The Shortcomings of a Short Sale at the Condo

One Dog, Two Dog, Barking Dog, No Dog!

Can a Declarant Levy A Special Assessment on New Unit Owners?

Oversized Handicapped Vehicle Not Allowed at the Condo

Manager Licensing and Your Community; A Story Worth Telling

Advantages and Challenges of Internet Communications in Community Associations

Rising Costs of Community Association Insurance (Irene’s Untold Story on the Northeast)

The Story of Democracy in Action in Your Community Association

Explaining the “Benefits” of a New Roof

Capital Reserves and the Future of Your Community

Using Better Communications to Attract Community Leaders

Informing Unit Owners About Painting Projects: A Colorful Story!

Construction and Communication for Community Associations

Where’s the Money? Let’s Talk About It…

Explaining How You Govern Your Condominium Association

Community Communications in the Age of CIOA Revisions

Are Your Communications Secure?

My Year of Living “Legislatively”

Telling the Story of Community Association Insurance

Landscaping: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About!

Elected to the Board… Now, What?

Are Community Leaders Politicians?

Maintenance and Construction. Fact or Benefit?

Commit to Unit Owner Education. Reward Yourself with a Better Community!

What’s the difference between “Delinquency” and “Delinquent, See”?

Are you listening to me?